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Title: Riptide
Author: corvidae9
Rating: PG
Word Count:~1950
Summary: Harry retreats to a beach somewhere to keep his angst to himself; Luna comes to find him. Post-War.
Challenge: Base a fic on Jamie Callum's "All at Sea"
Archive: If it makes you happy, go for it. Just let me know where. :)
Author Notes: Written for hiddenhibiscus for hplyric: This is NOT a musical. :) Lyrics are at the end. Incredibly late as my plot muse went to personally inspect the beach in question and left my dumb arse here to party with the RPG muse. Many thanks to my faithful minions flist who told me who to cast, who in turn omg brought the plot right back. Now I want to flesh in the backstory. *waves carrots at the plot bunnies* And, as ALWAYS, thanks to the ever-awesome merrycontrary for the beta. *loves*

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Title: Fairground
Author: hiddenhibiscus
Rating: PG-13
Notes: The lovely tortietta chose the song ‘Fairground’ by Simply Red which I’d not heard before but am so glad she did, very evocative. Thanks to my DH (ka_mau) for dilligently finding this after I lost it, and hugs to dorotea for maintaining my mental state, and to cynthia_black for giving me the song file when I couldn't find it on iTunes.

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I've talked with a few people, and I think that the consensus is that we're not quite ready for the deadline for the lyric wheel tomorrow. So, how about an extension.

So, all lyric wheel fics will be due next Sunday (Feb 12), a week from tomorrow. :D
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Lyric Wheel Round

It's time for a new round of the Lyric Wheel. Sign up here with your email if you are interested in taking part. Comments are screened so the emails won't be out there for all the internet to see.

Sign up closes midnight Saturday night. I'll either post here in a locked post or send an email to everyone with the list of participants which will tell you who to send your lyrics to. Please use this week of sign-up to decide on and find your lyrics to send so you can send them ASAP once the assignments go out. There will be two weeks for writing before the deadline once the assignments go out (though we're pretty darn forgiving if you end up needing longer than two weeks). ;-)

So, sign up here if you're interested! :D
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Fic: Take Me Out

Title: Take Me Out
Author: Dorotea
Rating: R
Archive: If you want it, it's yours
Notes: Lyrics are from rubykate. "Take Me Out" by Franz Ferninand. Thank you! This is the shortest story I've ever written -- it's not much more than a drabble. It's Ron/Pansy and that is all hiddenhibiscus's fault. Sorry this is late, it is from the latest lyric wheel

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Quick note to y'all - I've put up a poll in my LJ which the topic of correlates loosely to this group; thought I'd notify y'all, as I'm hoping for more than 2-3 votes. ;)
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