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Harry Potter Lyric Wheel

A Wheeling We Will Go

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Lyric Wheel?

Hermione's Answer
The Wheel is a conglomeration of writers whose ranks change with every assignment. What the members of the Wheel strive to do is write fan fiction from Harry Potter in a controlled and timely environment, with input from his or hers peers. Members fluctuate with each assignment, and range in age, and vary in ability and experience. The Wheel stresses the need to provide a place for established writers to enrich their skills and for new writers to test their mettle in an environment that requires a standard form without the pitfalls that can hold up a writer when they work independently. The deadline, length requirement, and possible thematic requirement all provide a rigid backbone while still allowing for artist creativity in matters of subject, form, style, and/or person. The Wheel is meant to be a fun and educational experience, for the old and new writers, many of whom have never ventured out of their preferred styles. The Lyric Wheel uses song lyrics because they are universal and handy. The use of poetry is something that has worked on other Wheels, and could so be used for this Wheel if requested. (Borrowed with permission from Armand-r and the Highlander Lyric Wheel FAQs)

Ron's Answer
We send each other lyrics, we write stories, we OOH! and AHH! (critique) each other. It's a fun, fic-reading orgy.

For more information and guidelines please read the Extended FAQs.

How do I post my story?
Entries to the wheel should be posted to the Community Journal. Please post the following header with the story behind a ‘cut’.
Archive:(should the wheel Mistress archive it or will you send a link)
Notes: (gen, slash, het, pairing, who lyrics came from, etc.)

( lj cut )

Please post the lyrics after the story, still behind the cut. If you are unsure how to make a live journal cut please check out the following FAQs: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75

Need an example?
Read the stories at some other fandom Wheel Archives:
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Highlander - The first Lyric Wheel

Who do I contact again?
Zelda’s email: zeldaophelia [at] livejournal [dot] com
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